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$1,740 in prizes

1st Place

Prize: Logitech Mechanical Keyboard for each member (up to 4)

2nd Prize

Prize: 750GB Portable External Hard Drive for each member (up to 4)

3rd Prize

Prize: AudioTechnica Over-Ear Headphones for each member (up to 4)

Best Design

Prize: Huion Tablet for each member (up to 4)

Best Hardware Hack

Prize: Raspberry Pi Zero Kits for each member (up to 4)

Best Beginner Hack

Prize: SteelSeries Gaming Mouse Pad for each member (up to 4)

Aspirent Challenge Hack

Sponsor: Aspirent
Prize: 25$ Amazon Gift Card for each member (up to 4)
Challenge: aspirent.ugahacks.com

Google Assistant Challenge Hack

Sponsor: Google
Prize: Google Homes for each member (up to 4)
Challenge: Hack with Google Home

The Home Depot Challenge Hack

Sponsor: The Home Depot
Prize: Raspberry Pi 3 Kits for each member (up to 4)
Challenge: "How can you modify your project to be used in a retail environment?"

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Michael E. Cotterell

Michael E. Cotterell
University of Georgia

Shannon Quinn

Shannon Quinn
University of Georgia

Eman M. Saleh

Eman M. Saleh
University of Georgia

Judging Criteria

  • Technology
    How technically impressive is the project? Did the project use a clever technique or use many components? Does it make you go "wow"?
  • Completion
    Does the project work? Did the team achieve their goal for the hackathon?
  • Creativity
    Is this idea new and interesting? Has anything similar to this project been developed before?
  • Learning
    What did the team learn from this? Did they learn a lot of new topics (maybe even soft skills)?
  • Design
    Was this a well designed and thought out project or something that was hastily put together at the last minute? Was the project properly scoped given the time frame?

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